"Kazoua Vang (patient since 8/2009): I really enjoy the staff and how comfortable the make me feel. Krissy was east to talk to. I am welcomed by my first name, Krissy was very personable and made sure I had everything I needed to keep my teeth clean."

"Barbara Klas (patient since 6/1978): Excellent! I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bruce Haglund (and his father!) since I got my first tooth as a kid. I grew up coming to Dental Health of Maplewood and I am proud to say that my husband and our two sons are also patients. The care and customer service are top caliber. I and my entire family have healthy teeth thanks to this great team of professionals. I have had healthy teeth my entire life thanks to Dr. Haglund. When I needed an implant and crown, the expertise and process for this procedure were seamless and it has enhanced my smile and my bite."

Susan Pearson (patient since 4/1983): Dental Health of Maplewood and their entire staff make my visit here comfortable. They are always accommodating for appointments and seem to be on top of all new products and procedures. Believe it or not, I enjoy my dental appointments. I have had severe sensitivity with my teeth and have now gotten my life back with “fluoride varnish”. It’s wonderful to enjoy all my favorite foods, hot or cold. I can’t live without it now, it’s the best!

Diane Cianciolo (patient since 8/1983): I have been coming to Dr. Bruce for many years. Always a great experience and a super friendly staff! A filling had come out in my mouth in my front tooth and I called on a Friday morning to get an appointment and didn’t realize they were closed on Fridays. There was a lady answering phones who said they generally do emergency appointments only on that day and she would call Dr. Bruce to see if he would come in. Shelly called back to tell me Dr. Bruce would take me that morning! You couldn’t ask for a better dental office!!

Jeff Malean (patient since 9/2002): Everything is great! Very professional and relaxed at the same time. Patient for years- never a bad experience. The ladies out front are fantastic!! Nothing specific, all the work that’s been done on me and my family over the years.

Betty Falk (patient since 3/1994): It’s been a wonderful family experience of great dental care over the years. I was very pleased how my elderly mom was treated.

Mary Harriman (patient since 10/2009): This clinic is professional and at the same time friendly and courteous. There is always a smile when you come into the building. My prior dental experience before this was poor and the quality of work was sub-standard. The dentists and their assistants at this clinic are exceptional in quality and approach. I am very pleased to be a client.

Greg Krenz (patient since 4/1989): Staff is always friendly and pleasant. Although going to the dentist is not something I look forward to, Maplewood Dental makes the experience a relaxing one. Ongoing care. The entire family of 9 has been coming here for 25 years.

Gordon Jacobson (patient since 11/2012): Beautiful, always a very warm feeling. Girls are fantastic the men are ok too. Broken tooth/bridge - so very well done, thanks.

Michele Barnhill (patient since 11/1989): I am always confident that our family will receive the best care at Dental Health of Maplewood. Our daughter has needed extensive dental work due to an accident and the doctors and staff have always worked hard to give her the best service, dental procedures and accommodation of her busy work and school schedule.

Dave Scheer (patient since 11/2000}: Staff are friendly and thorough, very professional. I have had two crowns and my wife had endodontic therapy- all painless and they look great.

Mark Montillon (patient since 8/2007): Best dentistry I know. Very great friend, cheap too.

Jim Demko (patient since 10/1990): It is wonderful. How well the office operates, Krissy is a wonderful hygienist.